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The Freezer Cook Big spreadsheet comes loaded with 15 great recipes. Select the recipes you would like to make and add your own favorites.

Customize your ingredient list with your store preferences.

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Planning the logistics of freezer cooking can be a headache, but with the Freezer Cook BIG tool, planning and printing a shopping list for each of your favorite stores is easy.

Freezer Cook Big Package

Includes our Spreadsheet Tool and "Make Dinner Easy" PDF ebook with recipes and printables.

We Make Dinner Easy

Dinner hour is a crazy time. With our big families, just eating a decent meal can be a big production. We began freezer cooking together over a year ago because we wanted to tame this tiger. Instead of a mad rush between four and six o’clock, we can just throw a lasagna in the oven and sit down to a wonderful family dinner at the table, even before a busy evening of activities. Freezer cooking dramatically changed our family life and we hope that our freezer cooking tool will help you, too, tame the tiger of the dinner hour.